Physical, occupational and speech therapy

Physical, occupational, and speech therapy

Maximize your healing process

Rehabilitation Services at Peninsula Wellness Center combines the expertise of staff from Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula with a state-of-the-art setting. Outpatient therapy at PWC gives patients the training and resources they need for developing a highly personalized wellness program. Our therapists will guide and mentor you through the various stages of your healing journey. Our therapists will work with you to restore function in all activities of daily living. 

About our therapy experts

Many of the Community Hospital therapists have advanced certifications and expert skills above and beyond the skills of a regular therapist.

The physical therapist restores movement. Physical therapy deals with joints, muscles, and nerves and anything that can go wrong with them. Our therapists offer specialized services and most have advanced certifications and/or doctorate degrees. 

The occupational therapist focuses on getting patients to move for a specific reason, such as performing work functions or relearning the activities of daily living.

Speech therapists deal with cognitive skills, with expertise in communication, comprehension and swallowing therapy.

Acute-care and outpatient services:

Physical Therapy